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 It is with great sorrow we announce 
Nancy Friday's death
  November 5th, 2017
She is remembered with love and honor
New York Times bestselling author and feminist pioneer Nancy Friday


Preeminent literary authority on female sexuality

"Nancy Friday must be the most understanding sexologist in the country"       (San Francisco Chronicle)


 '...some of the most provocative reading ever published"


Cited in the New York Times!


         My Secret Garden

        Forbidden Flowers 

        Women on Top

        The Power of Beauty

        Jealousy and Envy


         Nancy's novella & ​first work of fiction:
LULU is a fascinating heroine written by an equally fascinating author. Come take a journey with LULU as she grows from a  precocious Charleston, S.C. child into a college co-ed in the North. The journey is one of first love's heartbreak, a mother's rivalry, a brother's love, and parental betrayal.

With a literary voice in the grand tradition of the great southern writers, one of America's best-selling non-fiction writers Nancy Friday has, in LULU, created a fascinating first work of fiction.

"LULU is funny and sad, intriguing...ultimately important read."

​-- Bill Baker, Netgalley

"A compelling read." -- Leonard Iggulden

​"Brilliant, courageous, moving!"-- Washington Post

"Illuminating and moving..." -- Michael Korda, author of POWER AND SUCCESS

"I closed (My Mother, Myself) and wept for half an hour" --  Christina Robb, Boston Globe


"some of the most provocative reading ever published"-- Carl Womack


 Represention:  Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates       

    212. 489. 0880                                                                         


New York Times bestselling author of My Secret Garden, Forbidden Flowers, Jealousy and Envy, My Mother/My Self, The Power of Beauty, Beyond My Control, Men in Love, LULU, and Women on Top. Nancy Friday currently lives in New York City

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