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Jealousy & Envy

A new edition of Nancy Friday's classic book makes available, once again, her searingly honest analysis of the deeply rooted, often hidden, human emotion that distorts our most intimate relationships.

What is the source of this wrenching emotion? Why are some people more jealous than others? Why do some of us compete when a rival appears on the scene and others walk away, avoiding even the threat of competition?

As she has in her other ground-breaking books My Secret Garden and My Mother/ My Self  Nancy Friday reaches into her own experience to probe the sources of our jealousy and envy and put it in perspective. The goal, Friday says, is not to try to eliminate jealousy or envy, but to understand it.   Jealousy & Envy works.  Its analysis strips away  some of the subterfuges that cloak  our jealous behavior, revealing the more  dreadful demon, slit-eyed envy... ."

New York Times

The author of  Men in Love, My Secret Garden, Forbidden Flowers, My Mother/My Self, The Power of Beauty, Beyond My Control, LULU, and Women on Top. Nancy Friday currently lives in New York  City

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