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Nancy's new novel,Lulu, her first work of fiction!
"LULU is funny and sad, intriguing and ultimately insightful, a

book for each of a helpful and even important read."

- Bill Baker, Netgalley
Lulu: Reviews

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LULU is a fascinating heroine written by an equally fascinating author. Come take the journey with LULU as she grows from a precocious child in Charleston, S.C. into a co-ed at a college in the North. A journey that comes with all of the heartbreak of first love, motherly rivalry , brotherly caring and parental betrayal.

With a literary voice in the grand tradition of the great southern writers, one of America's best-selling non-fiction authors Nancy Friday, has in LULU, created a fascinating first work of fiction.

New York Times bestselling author of LULU, My Secret Garden, Forbidden Flowers, My Mother/Myself, The Power of Beauty, Beyond My Control, Men in Love, and Women on Top, Nancy Friday currently lives in New York City

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