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My Secret Garden

"You'll blush, your pulse will race." - The New York Times


"Delicious...women can share in their sisters' secrets and not feel that they are alone." - LA Times


"Provocative."- Women's Wear Daily



First published in 1973, My Secret Garden  ignited a firestorm of reactions across the nation—from outrage to enthusiastic support.


Before 50 Shades of Gray was a thing, Nancy and My Secret Garden opened the floodgates to female fantasy. In 1973, while the hippies were spreading free love and academics were exploring the hidden power of human sexuality, Friday published direct interviews that reveal the depth of women's inner longings. The pivotal manuscript is now available as part of the Amazon Female Sexuality Collection, which features five of Friday's seminal works. 


Collected from detailed personal interviews with hundreds of women from diverse backgrounds, this book presents a bracingly honest account of women’s inner sexual fantasy lives. The book shatters taboos and opens up conversation about the landscape of feminine desire in a way that is unprecedented. My Secret Garden remains one of the most iconic works of feminist literature of our time— still very relevant to millions of women throughout the world.


" Female sexual fantasy began in 1973 with Nancy Friday’s multi-million-selling collection of real women’s fantasies, My Secret Garden. Until that book was published, female sexual fantasy did not exist; not even within the pages of Cosmopolitan, their opinion at the time being: ‘Women do not have sexual fantasies, period. Men do.’Friday’s book changed all that. Now, (its forty years since) Friday’s masterpiece (was first published) 

    ... an exploration of the meaning of desire. Dare to read, and dare to discover the new truths of female sexuality."  (Random House Editorial)



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