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New York Times:  Let’s Read About Sex

October, 2013

Sex is hard in words. Stories seduce a different part of the brain — the one that, er, thinks ... The real triggers of lust are rarely the food of great literature.


While the Marquis de Sade, Henry Miller, John Wilmot, and Erica Jong are worthy salacious suspects, my gold star goes elsewhere, to those who really do it best: horny women. Think of those whose filthy, uncensored fantasies froth forth in Nancy Friday’s collections, like Vesuvius upended, silencing the sentimental soft-core of Anaïs Nin and E. L. James in a single eruption. Here, unconsidered desire slices swiftly to the core of lust, and with their — our — trailer-trash orgies of incest, bestiality, rape, pedophilia, domination and submission, whoredom and heterosexual lesbianism we eat our cake before baking it. And leave men reeling in trailer blowback.


Wrong is hot, and great writing, by definition, can just never be quite wrong enough.



Writing about sex can be uniquely powerful — and perilous. A group of novelists, memoirists and poets tell us about working blue: what novels first inspired them,... and who they think writes sex best.


Rosetta Books five new titles as e-books! Now available:  

My Secret Garden

Forbidden Flowers

Women on Top

The Power of Beauty/Our Looks Our Lives

Jealousy and Envy

       These new editions of Nancy Friday's classic books will make available, once again, her searingly honest analysis of the deeply rooted and often hidden human emotions that distort our most intimate relationships.

The World of Fiction

With the publication of Nancy's first work of fiction, the coming of age roman a clef  Lulu, Nancy has resumed her pre-eminent position in the publishing world.



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New York Times bestselling author of LULU, My Secret Garden, Forbidden Flowers, Jealousy and Envy, My Mother/My Self, The Power of Beauty, Beyond My Control, Men in Love, and Women on Top. Nancy Friday currently lives in New York City

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