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Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women's Sexual Fantasies

In Women on Top, Friday returns to the topic of the inner fantasy lives of ordinary women, collecting detailed sexual fantasies from over 150 contemporary women from diverse backgrounds.


Based on intimate personal interviews and letters, this book updates the conversation opened in her earlier works on women's sexual fantasies, detailing how women's erotic lives have changed over the past few decades-and remained the same.


Nancy Friday's seminal works exploring female sexual fantasy have shattered taboos, exposed hidden desires, and opened up a conversation on women and sex that continues to be relevant today.


From Publishers Weekly: Friday's absorbing update of her 1973 classic My Secret Garden demonstrates the intervening empowerment of women by exploring the changes in their sexual fantasies.


Kirkus Reviews: F... her books open up discourse on taboo subjects, break new ground in exposing the inner lives of half of the human race, help people feel they're normal, promote understanding between the sexes, etc....but it cannot be denied that fully 75% of this book consists of women's first-person X-rated fantasies.

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